Enjoy a pilgrimage to the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Malta, where Christianity has almost 2,000 years of fascinating history. Tradition states that the Apostle Paul brought Christianity to the islands around A.D. 60 when Paul was being taken to Rome to be tried as a rebel. However, the ship carrying him was caught in a violent storm and he was shipwrecked on the Maltese coast.  The site of the wreck is traditionally known as St. Paul’s Island and the welcome given to the survivors is described in the Acts of the Apostles (XXVIII) by St. Luke. On our 8 day journey, we will follow in the footsteps of St. Paul and discover the wonderful ancient sites of Malta. We will explore Valetta, and visit St. Pauls Cathedral where St. Paul converted Malta to Christianity as well as the stunning Mosta Cathedral and learn about the Mosta miracle. We will visit amongst other places Ghar Dalam, the Tarxien temples, ‘the silent city’ Mdina with its medieval streets and Rabat where we visit St. Paul’s Grotto. We will also venture to the picturesque island of Gozo with its caves and grottos and beautiful bays. In Mellieha we will see the oldest Marion Grotto in Malta. Mellieha is a traditional old Maltese town inhabited since the Neolithic times with a beautiful coastline, natural scenery and plenty of amenities. We will combine our visits with some time spent relaxing and enjoying the serene atmosphere that Malta has to offer; taking time for prayer and worship on our journey.


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